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Editor dialogue
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Add a button in the control panel that opens an editor dialogue. This should allow the user to add the following information:

  • String to add/edit ("word"), required.
  • Language, defaulting to the page language.
  • Transcription (with IPA input or just copy paste)
  • Sentence where the word appears. The word should be highlighted in some way to make it easier to find and to avoid possible ambiguity. This can probably be done with wiki text markup, e.g. bold.
  • More information that can be relevant.

This should use OOUI, if possible.

Event Timeline

I have the basics implemented: click button -> open dialogue -> type some info -> write to wikipage. I still need to figure out how to write sensible tests for writing to a wikipage and figure out what to do when something goes wrong (e.g. wikipage doesn't have a table).

Just checking. this is for editing the lexicon right?

This could be a nice thing to have, but the first editor will be implemented as a special page, see T181269.

Whether the function described here is something we want will probably have to wait until the first version has been tested by end users. It will also mean one more UI to maintain (I don't think we can reuse special page code for this). Maybe T133857: Link to Special:EditLexicon from player is enough.

Deemed not necessary, functionality covered by T181269.