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Option "excludezero" for Special:CentralAuth
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The page Special:CentralAuth shows all the projects visited by the user, even if the user has not contributed to them, for instance:

An option should be added, to show only the projects where the user has contributed.
The option should be available via the page interface, but also via an URL parameter (so that an hyperlink could aim the special page with the option already activated). For instance, the URL could end with &excludezero=yes.

I have written my basic need above, but I would be OK for a more generic approach (useful for users active on many projects) to show only the projects where the user has more than X contributions, with the URL ending with &morethan=X.

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If a user-facing script would be helpful (eg "click here to hide") the following hides all such lines:

$('tbody > tr').filter( function(){ return (this.children[4].innerText === '0') } ).hide();