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Interaction Timeline V1: Date box should use YYYY-MM-DD international neutral format
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MM/DD/YY is US focused. The tool needs to serve an international audience.

Acceptance criteria

  • The date range selector should use YYYY-MM-DD date format
  • The dates displayed in the far left of the timeline should use YYYY-MM-DD format

Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 2.51.58 PM.png (256×509 px, 20 KB)


Moment.js will let you change the display format, and I believe the date chooser library has a prop that accepts the same moment-style formats.

Event Timeline

Our target display width is 1366, on which is appears like such:

Screen Shot 2018-01-02 at 1.08.06 PM.png (224×115 px, 12 KB)

I believe this will be corrected if we remove the calendar icon. Please remove the icon and adjust the space to support 0000-00-00 without line breaking.

Removing the icon is one way to fix it. This is how it looks now on 1366

Screenshot-2018-1-2 Interaction Timeline(2).png (449×142 px, 3 KB)

If it looks like that on both Firefox and Chrome, then perfect.

TBolliger moved this task from Ready to Done on the Anti-Harassment (AHT Sprint 11) board.

Looks good on prod.