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Words to put the photo on the right and put on the left
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These words have been translated a very long time but are still not displayed

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This is already discussed in hence closing this task as invalid for the time being.
Please keep the discussion in one place, or explain and always follow by providing clear steps to reproduce. Writing one sentence and a screenshot is not enough for a bug report.

Instead of "on the right" there should be an "аьтту" and instead of "on the left" there should be an "аьрру".

You seem to ignore my previous comment.
Furthermore, there is no "on the right" and there is no "on the left" shown in your screenshot (at least I cannot see these English words).

In the Chechen Wikipedia these words are in Russian

Section "Parameters for illustration"

I don't know how to send a patch.

Quoting : needs to be edited.
You are very welcome to use developer access to submit the proposed code changes as a Git branch directly into Gerrit which makes it easier to review and provide feedback. If you don't want to set up Git/Gerrit, you can also use the Gerrit Patch Uploader. Thanks!