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Upgrade of libraries: slim vs. twig view vs. PHP view
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To confirm, will we be migrating from slim 2 to slim 3? Since that is a major and important upgrade. I think slim/views does not support slim 3. We are left with twig view or PHP view. Which one should we integrate?

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Aklapper renamed this task from Upgrade of libraries to Upgrade of libraries: slim vs. twig view vs. PHP view.Nov 17 2017, 1:49 PM

Rather than upgrading libraries in this project directly, T114969: Update grantreview codebase to use the wikimedia/slimapp library should be done first. wikimedia/slimapp could be updated to use newer libraries. There may be a task somewhere about the slim2 to slim3 migration for that library. The view layer used by wikimedia/slimapp and its dependent projects (Wikimania Scholarships and several Toolforge tools) is Twig.

You are right. I should complete T114969 first. Thanks