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Timeline images either generated without text or even not at all. Sometimes also no map areas as well.
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The timeline images are either generated without text (only graphs, no legends, no descriptions...) or the image is not generated at all.

Take first example timeline on


slight change [shift:($dx,-12) to shift:($dx,-11)] - no text:

another slight change [some random playing with numbers] - no image at all

Sometimes besides nonexistent image HTML source also contains only empty <map> tag without any <area> tags.

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Severity: major



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bzimport set Reference to bz16085.

Example of what I've got when I was tweaking some timeline on w:cs:

<p><map name="a6b0b5ecfd5e5b326f57f059bcac5a4e" id="a6b0b5ecfd5e5b326f57f059bcac5a4e"></map><img usemap="#a6b0b5ecfd5e5b326f57f059bcac5a4e" src="" /></p>

matthiasbecker1967 wrote:

See also following edit:
(see both versions before and after the edit, near the end of the article)

str4nd wrote:

*** Bug 16131 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***

str4nd wrote:

See bug 16131: missing FreeSans font: apt-get install ttf-freefont should work. :-)

Changing product to Wikimedia and adding shell keyword per above.

jeluf wrote:

Installed the FreeSans font using "dsh -w srv43,srv44,srv45,srv46,srv47 apt-get
install ttf-freefont", can't notice any improvement

hcp wrote:

More diffs, in case they're useful, to [[w:Template:Trivia progress]]: [ This revision] works fine, but [ this one] doesn't. The only [ difference] between the two is a single number that's been changed.

limowiki wrote:

Same story here: this is entirely based on an existing timeline image, but simply isn't generated well, i.e. no text either

This is really a severe bug, as it simply breaks a *lot* of content on the different Wikipedia's

Ugh, our setup seems to be pretty broken here...

  1. Ploticus isn't installed on a lot of newer machines. It has perhaps slipped out of the automated package installs.
  1. Our config is setting the GD font path (GDFONTPATH env var) to... a directory which doesn't exist.

So 1) is causing no output frequently, and 2) means that most/all of the renders that do happen won't have fonts? Investigating the situation further...

  • Bug 16585 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***


  1. Ploticus was in fact installed, but with a different path and executable name. :P Now using the correct path for the server as detected at runtime.
  1. Have created the font dir, copied in a bunch of fonts which didn't help, and finally copied in FreeSans.ttf which EasyTimeline is hardcoded to use.

New timelines appear to render correctly. Old ones will be re-rendered, and we're currently working out issues with fully expiring the old renderings.

ta.bu.shi.da.yu wrote:

I just wanted to say that I cannot tell you how happy I am that you have fixed this bug. Thanks Brion!!!!