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  is not an author or editor
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In at least some circumstances, AWB seems to think that the HTML entity for a non-breaking space ( ) appearing in a parameter for an author or an editor means that there are multiple editors, one of whom is called "nbsp" or "nbsp;".

See for example and

Both are from 2016 so it is not impossible this has been fixed already - I do not run AWB (I don't have a Windows PC) so am unable to test, nor explain why some instances were handled semi-correctly (non-breaking spaces substituted for a normal space) and some not.

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Edits are from 2016. AWB now no remove nbsp...

Zoranzoki21, please don't respond to bug reports like this unless you can definitively say the issue has been fixed, ideally with a link to the revision(s) in which the fix was made.

@Zoranzoki21 removing nbsp is not even the main issue here, it's misinterpreting nbsp as the name of an author/editor

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Please discuss these problematic edits with the user who made the edits, Dcirovic in this case. These are not changes made by AWB code but by custom rules configured by the user, so AWB devs can't help you here.