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Add basic Phabricator support to git-repo
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git-repo is a git client tool that supports project management systems that include git projects, such as GitHub , GitLab, BitBucket, etc.

It has a simpler and consistent interface for working with them all, such as git-repo <target> request create to submit a patch for review, and git-repo <target> request fetch <id> to fetch a patch for review.

It does not yet understand git projects on Phabricator.

This task is to create a basic git-repo backend which can clone a repository hosted on Phabricator.

Mentor: @jayvdb (git-repo committer)

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greg added a subscriber: greg.

This is not a task for Phabricator itself, but the git-repo tool instead. I think this would be a neat addition to that tool. I'm removing the Phabricator project and obviously leaving it in the code in project. Maybe there should be an issue opened in the upstream git-repo project for this as well?

relatedly: looks lke @jayvdb is working on Gerrit support:

As and exist to track this and as Google-Code-in-2017 is over I am closing this task here in Wikimedia Phabricator.