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Email list needed for automating the portal
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As we're in the process of automating the portal, we need an email list to send the updates to. We'd like to use or something like that and be able to manage it via the normal email listings:


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#debt: Did you want to be the only list administrator (and use your address correct?) By default, we make these public view/join/post unless you state otherwise. has some info.

Can we also get a quoted description for the list?

Hi @RobH - please use this as a description: 'Public list for the automated statistic and translation updates for the portal page.'

Also, @Jdrewniak can be named as secondary admin. And yes, it's meant to be a completely public list.


RobH claimed this task.


I've gone ahead and created the list with you both as administrators, and reset the password so it emailed to you both. Its setup as a fully public list, and the description is set as provided.

If you have any issues accessing it, feel free to re-open this task.

Hi @RobH - it turns out that we needed this list to be private (per T179694#3778354). I've updated the settings in the management section, but can you confirm that I hit all the necessary steps to make it private.


You did it all correctly, except I changed it from 'Approved' to 'Confirmed and Approved' on subscription requests. That is the setting we use for private list setups, so it seemed best to make it standard.

Otherwise you set it to not advertise and no archives (but also flagged private if they are turned on in future) so all seems good to me.

Additionally, when reviewing the steps, I realized I forgot to add both of you to the listadmins mailing list. This is just a mailing list of ALL the admins on our mailman server (except those who opt out), so you get notifications of mailman downtime. It is very low traffic, but if either of you don't want to be on it, you can simply unsubscribe from it. (I suggest staying on it though, so any mailman maintenance/downtime/changes/outages will be sent to that list.)

Let us know if you have any other questions!