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When announcing a new Newsletter issue, allow for full URLs (and automagically remove the static URL)
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When announcing a new issue of a newsletter allow for publishers to enter the full URL of a page, but strip the https and domain leaving the local page name.

When publishing new issues it is common to copy/paste the URL for a target page. Some (many?) on-wiki urls can contain a long prefix. Remembering and typing these in by hand is cumbersome. The "Page title of the issue" field should allow publishers to paste in the full url, but then strip the HTTP protocol and domain to just show the local page.

I'm on and I wish to publish a new issue of the Discovery Weekly newsletter.
I copy the URL for the target page.

I paste that into the "Page title of issue" field which removes the // prefix.

This leaves "Discovery/Status_updates/2017-08-28"

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Ckoerner created this task.Nov 20 2017, 7:00 PM
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This is of course a very good idea. I wonder how complex the implementation is.

VisualEditor has exactly this behavior when introducing a full URL as a link: is automatically converted to Discovery/Status_updates/2017-08-28. I just noticed that the new wikitext editor doesn't (yet?).

If the resolution of this task is simple enough, we can propose it as a Google-Code-in-2017 candidate.