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Make the Pattypan upload tool for Wikimedia Commons ready to work with Structured Commons as well
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Pattypan is one of the frequently-used mass upload tools to Wikimedia Commons, allowing users to upload files "The Spreadsheet Way". When structured data becomes available on Wikimedia Commons by end 2018, it would be great if Pattypan could also support structured data.

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I filed specifically to track File captions :)

Putting this task on the list for Wikimania-Hackathon-2019 (GLAM focus area). Feel free to remove again if this doesn't make sense.

As soon as 'other statements' are deployed on StructuredDataOnCommons it may make sense to work on this.

I will be happy to help and provide advice on how to construct typical structured data-driven equivalents (and/or complements) of the Photograph, Artwork, Map, Art photo ... templates if needed.

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