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Interaction Timeline: Include a filter to show edits where one user talks about the other user
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Problem to solve

The Timeline currently only shows edits to pages where both users have edited. In some cases, users will trash talk the other user on a talkpage behind the other's back. This can result in brigading, and in some cases the other user will not comment, as to not become further involved. We need a way to show these edits — both known and unknown — on the timeline.

This is often done in private, so no link is made to the username. Nicknames and allusions (e.g. "you know who") make this even more difficult to automatically identify. We may need to build 2 solutions — one for the direct input of known edits/pages where private trash talk occurs, and another for identifying potential trash talk.

Acceptance criteria

  • TBD

Event Timeline

This may seem to be a little outside the purview of the Interaction Timeline, as this type of comments are indirectly made. However, these comments are often made to rile a brigade or to be read by the target as a form of passive aggressive intimidation. Both of these can be considered harassment tactics, and are certainly important pieces of evidence in a conduct dispute.

Some misc. thoughts

For the scenario of User:Apples posting trash talk about User:Bananas to User:Carrots on Carrots' talk page knowing Bananas will likely read it.

  • Allow the investigator (user of the Timeline) to input a specific page/revision — e.g. User_talk:Carrots
  • Allow the investigator to input additional users — e.g. Bananas vs. Apples+Carrots or Bananas + Apples vs. Carrots
  • Include all edits where Apples posts the word Bananas (this will miss nicknames)
  • Include all edits where Apples posts a user-defined array of words — e.g. Bananas, Bnanas, Bnns, 🍌, etc. (this will miss unknown terms and could have false positives)
TBolliger renamed this task from Interaction Timeline: Include a filter to show edits to pages where one user talks about the other user to Interaction Timeline: Include a filter to show edits where one user talks about the other user.Nov 21 2017, 10:39 PM

I think that these are worthwhile things to add but we'll have to build out a more robust UI/filtering system. It's worth doing, especially if it's needed by the community and I can see the necessity, especially in cases of hounding or even sockpuppetting, of what to filter and only look at specific pages, actions, or interactions between editors.

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