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[BUG] Fix search term highlighting on dark and sepia
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How many times were you able to reproduce it?

Steps to reproduce

  1. Load article
  2. Switch to dark or sepia
  3. Search for a term in article

Expected results

Search results are highlighted

Actual results

Search results are not highlighted

Environments observed

App version:

OS versions:

Device model:

Device language:

Event Timeline

@cmadeo had a small tweak to the dark mode search highlight color so we tweaked that as part of this PR as well.

JMinor moved this task from Needs Triage to Bug Backlog on the Wikipedia-iOS-App-Backlog board.

Testing on iPhone 6 Plus (iOS 11.1.2) - Wikipedia app 5.8.0 (1265). Search term results are now highlighted in dark and sepia modes according to the screencaps below.

ABorbaWMF added a subscriber: ABorbaWMF.

Fixed on Wikipedia app 5.7.3 (1281) as well.

Fixed on Wikipedia app 5.7.3 (1281) as well.

JMinor added a subscriber: JMinor.

Checked that Black theme is also looking good.