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Support custom tablatures (supported in Lilypond 2.20)
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The extension only supports the default tab format of lilypond, which is meant for guitare.

In order to display bass tabs, I would like to have what is described in lilypond documentation as "custom-tablatures".

All this because I'm willing to create a bass course in wikiversity.@Marco de Freitas

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lilypond 2.19 isn't stable, and therefore probably won't be on WMF servers for quite a while due to the way debian does packaging

However, if there's any development work that needs doing to support this, it can be done in the meantime...

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This is the bug report for supporting bass tablatures. It was fixed a year and a half ago.

Lilypond 2.20 (stable) will be released soon enough. Its candidate 2.19.80 is released and we're waiting on translations it seems, as the release is now branched off master.

@Reedy: I do not expect any dev work required for this update. The commands stay unchanged and the syntax is backwards-compatible.

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All the examples from

Seem to work for me: (except for probably the last one)
What am I doing wrong?

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Ah and the last example is not present in so that is probably the only thing added in 2.19 regarding this

Par contre, certaines techniques plus avancées ne sont pas encore disponibles (comme des micro-intervalles, des cordes additionnelles, ou de nouvelles têtes de note). Il va falloir attendre pour de telles fonctions.

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