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Check Category:MediaWiki_handbook and move contents where they belong
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Most contents included on should updated and moved to a technical space (aka

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Hey! I am interested in working on this task. Can I work on this?
There are a few things I want to know if I can work on this. The task description is quite brief.

  • Which contents are needed to be moved to MediaWiki and under what url ?
  • Which contents need an update, can they be updated by me?

@Nikitrain, thank you for your interest about that task.

Honestly, I don't think it is a task that can be handled by only one person. The category has a lot of pages, and those pages need to be reorganized, or rewritten for some of them. It needs a strategy we don't have yet.

See for a triage of each page in the Meta help namespace (many of which are not categorized in a handbook but have the same problems). I'm (slowly) working on cleaning them up, but am not claiming this task because I don't think I'll realistically ever finish it.