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Redirect loop
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When, as an admin, you want to restore previously deleted pages in the Wikipedia of the Ripuarian languages, you send your browser into an endless redirect loop.

You can find the details when you go to:

and enter e.g. the URL:öckholle/MediaWiki:Categorytree-member-num


The loop seems to have been introduced by the server software update after the recent pause of two weeks or so.
The newly localized URL "Spezial:zeröckholle" might be the cause. Maybe the problem appears because it is not capitalized.

Version: 1.14.x
Severity: critical



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The same appears to be true for Special:Invalidateemail on ksh.wp.

Checked on my local installation. Confirmed that the lower case first letter causes this. I resolved the immediate issue in r42652. This needs a more permanent and fool proof solution, though. Raised priority to high, as there may be more hidden cases in the current locales.

Patch which appears to fix on my local install.