Hide redirects from search suggestions (mwsuggest.js)
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Author: foxyloxy.wikimedia

As described at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Village_pump_(proposals)#Stylistic_differences, the Search suggestion box suggests both articles and their redirects, so for example, when someone starts to type Albert Einsten they get suggested "Albert Einsten" AND "Albert einsten" (which is a redirect to the latter). To quote Pwnage8:
"It's really frustrating to type something and have five similar titles that are all redirects pop up. It's just clutter."
Is this possible to fix?
[[en:Foxy Loxy]]

Version: 1.18.x
Severity: minor
URL: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Village_pump_(proposals)#Stylistic_differences

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abutko wrote:

please, add checkbox to preferences, which will not show redirects in search
form suggest

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ahmad.m.sherif wrote:

proposed patch

This patch may help, but it needs to be reviewed by anyone from API assignees (perhaps Roan Kattouw <roan.kattouw@home.nl>).

Attached: mwsuggests.patch

Seb35 added a comment.Via ConduitAug 16 2009, 11:33 AM

I disagree with this bug. There are sometimes redirects which are not simply stylistic differences. For instance, on the French Wikipedia, [[:fr:Adam RA-17]] (a small airplane without its own article) redirects to [[:fr:Roger Adam]] (its constructor). If there are no more redirects in the search box, you don't know that the article Adam RA-17 exists when you search in the search box.

I purpose to either add a checkbox in the preferences (like Andrew Butko said) either mark the redirects in the search box (e.g. in italic):
''Adam RA-17''
Adam Raga
''Adam raga''

Krinkle added a comment.Via ConduitApr 6 2011, 10:22 PM

Redirects are indeed useful, especially for search suggestions.

If third party gadgets want a way to query the opensearch-api without redirects (ie. "Add boolean option to opensearch api to include/filter redirects"), then please open a seperate ticket for that.

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