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Make user list exportable
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Dashboard is a great tool for monitoring the progress of a program while it lasts. However, we also have tools to monitor their fate afterwards, like WikiMetrics. However, there is no easy way to export or copy the list of editors. Since there is a way to add multiple users at once (one username per line, clean text), would it be possible to also show the user list that way? This would make it easier to copy the username list and use it in WikiMetrics, or wrap it with templates on-wiki.

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@Halibutt this feature exist already. On the home tab for a program, you can click 'Download stats' and then 'Editors data' to get a CSV file of all the editors, like this:

It has additional data as well, but if you want to use it in Wikimetrics or similar, you can open it in a spreadsheet program and copy and paste the first column.

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