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Flow: Better error handling on unexpected responses is needed
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I'm getting the following mysterious red blob when I attempt to make a comment on this wiki at a client:

This happens if I open a comment and begin to respond, but my session in the proxy that handles all requests times out.

Going into the dev tools to try and understand what is going after I hit reply ends up with this response to the POST that Flow sends:

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To clarify: did you install Flow without installing EventLogging? Not that that should break, but maybe it does, and that's causing (part of) your problems?

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No follow up since author filed it a year ago

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@Catrope: I did not install EventLogging. I don't think that is related to the timeout issue, though.

No, I don't think it's directly related to the timeout issue, but from your console screenshot I do think that a JS error (caused by an assumption that EventLogging is available while it's not) prevented the error from being rendered. Confusingly, I can't find mw.eventLog or .schemas anywhere in the Flow code base, neither now nor at the time that you filed the bug, so I don't know where the error (or the assumption that EventLogging is installed) comes from.

If you can still reproduce this error, I would recommend installing EventLogging (even if it points nowhere) in the hopes of getting through to the actual error. In the alternative, having the full stack trace of the mw.eventLog.schemas error would be helpful (only the first line of it is visible in the screenshot before it cuts off), and having the API response for the attempted save (which can be obtained through the Network tab in the inspector) would be too.

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We haven't had a follow up from the author so we are marking this as invalid.