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Create #wikimedia-releng-feed and move bots there
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  • wikibugs
    • we should also clean up what is announced there a bit
  • shinken
  • wmf-insecte
    • we should also prefer moving them to the responsible team's channel. We aren't directly responsible for any failures of these tests.

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Looking at the browser test situation, all of them (in jjb) use the template browsertests-irc, which has spamming #wikimedia-releng hardcoded. Thoughts @zeljkofilipin ?

@greg I ignore all bots in #wikimedia-releng. As far as I am concerned, we can remove IRC ping from Selenium jobs, or move them to another channel.

@greg I ignore all bots in #wikimedia-releng. As far as I am concerned, we can remove IRC ping from Selenium jobs, or move them to another channel.

The question was more: can we easily piecemeal them out to the responsible teams? I don't like the idea of by-default they go in our team channel when they're tests others wrote for software we didn't write :)

I think I now understand the question. 😁 TLDR: I should be possible to post to a team channel instead of our channel.

browsertests-irc publisher is used only in Ruby Selenium framework. Since the framework it is deprecated (T139740) I would hesitate to put more effort into it.

But, it should not be much work. We already know which team owns which repository. We would have to figure out which IRC channel each team uses.

Node Selenium framework does not post to IRC channel. If we wait until all teams move to Node, the problem will go away. 😎

If no one is actioning on them, then let's just disable them (not the jobs, but the spamming of our channel).

Change 397971 had a related patch set uploaded (by Greg Grossmeier; owner: Greg Grossmeier):
[integration/config@master] JJB: Remove browsertests-irc

Change 397971 merged by jenkins-bot:
[integration/config@master] JJB: Remove browsertests-irc

Updated jobs:


The channel is looking a lot better lately, maybe it was mostly the browser tests?

I used to rely on wikibugs for @mention notifications but now that we have notification popups in phabricator I don't rely on that quite so much.

Verdict: After we cleared up the browser test spam (of tests we don't own nor respond to) we're a lot better and don't need yet another channel, closing!