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Research how to make events more "green"
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Look around online and find environmentally friendly event organization ideas. Make a list of links pointing to these resources and write up a list of tips for event organizers to consider when planning an in-person event.

We want to add a page to our event documentation to help make events more green. Our event documentation is an open guide for event organizers with tips and ideas surrounding good event organization practices. Currently we do not have much guidance to help make events "green."
"Green" in this case means helping to help reduce waste and have a low impact on the environment.

Some examples of this are:

  • Using washable or compostable plates and utensils instead of plastic plates
  • Water fountains instead of plastic water bottles
  • Holding the event walking distance from the hotel or near public transportation so people don't need to drive
  • Making sure you know how many people will be attending before you order food so that you don't end up with to much that you need to throw away
  • Recycling name badge holders and lanyards to use at the next event
  • Avoid sending out paper invitations, instead send out digital invites
  • If some people don't finish their food and leave leftovers, donate them to a local foodbank

What other tips and ideas can you find?

All of your writing should be freely published under an open license (like ) to be reused. Your writing may ultimately end up on a wiki so others will have the chance to change, add to, and edit it.

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What would be "an open license"? Something like ?
Where to find "our event documentation", to get an idea of the current documentation?

Thanks Andre! Yes for the licensing link. I will add that and the hackathon handbook to the description now!

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@Parvchaudhary: Thanks for your edits, however this task is about events like Hackathons so those additions do not apply here... I'm unfortunately going to revert them as you cannot just copy and paste content from other websites without properly citing, as that would be plagiarism.

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@Parvchaudhary: Please read and understand T181593#3840299 if you'd like to be active here. Thanks a lot!

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aklapper i need this content i have copied 5 but written 4 let it last for at last let it stay for 2 days i need it for a project

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@Parvchaudhary: Please stop adding unrelated and out-of-scope plagiarism text (or removing subscribers from this task), or your Wikimedia Phabricator account will get disabled. Consider this a last warning. Thanks for your understanding.

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Added 2 new examples - there would always be leftovers even if you plan ahead,as not everyone eats everything,so those can be donated to a foodbank - By sending invitations digitally,you aren't buying paper made from cut-down trees, which release harmful gases.

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As Google-Code-in-2017 is ending these days, adding the Developer-Advocacy tag as the input provided by GCI students needs to get merged / implemented.