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Suggestions box should be resized from left for RTL wikis
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Function os_animateChangeWidth() on /skins/common/mwsuggest.js nicely resizes the search suggestions box if the content is larger than the default size of the box (which is equal to the size of the search box. However, if an RTL design is in use, this box should be resized from left (and not right).

To test the bug, simply go to an RTL wiki (Persian Wikipedia, for example) and type a word which results in long-title suggestions (such as "رده:" which stands for "Category:" and usually returns long-titled cat names) in the search box on the right. You'll see that, by resizing from the right side, parts of the suggestions box get out of the window limits, and this make the suggestions unreadable.

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I fixed it myself with r42730.