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update.php failing, install path no longer recognized. SetupAfterCache.php complains "Expected an accessible /extensions/Bootstrap/.."
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I have a very automated build/deploy process, and it just broke.
I believe this suggests a bug/breaking change in mw REL1_29 ( 4e8366eae3 ) .

Specifically "php update.php --quick" is failing.
extensions/Bootstrap/src/Hooks/SetupAfterCache.php complains at line 162.
"Expected an accessible /extensions/Bootstrap/resources/bootstrap path"

however if I hardcode prepend so that the path is "/var/www/html/extensions/Bootstrap/resources/bootstrap" all proceeds as it used to. Since /var/www/html/ is where I'm installing, it seems the install path is missing. However the steps that trigger this have worked for years against numerous previous versions.

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Does it definitely work on the previous commit of REL1_29?

Or is this actually a bug with Bootstrap, and wants reporting at

My build was run on
2017-11-23 14:05:05 UTC+0000
when it worked fine.

2017-11-30 14:42:00 UTC +0000
it's failing at 4e8366eae3

I see only one commit between them

The files modified in that commit are
some text (license, readme, etc)
and the nature of the changes in
resources/Resources.php seems unlikely to be a factor.

There were no commits on that repo for months, until a burst of recent commits that smell like plausible sources of the break

Release Bootstrap 1.2.2
s7eph4n committed 4 days ago

Unbreak the extension when vendor/ is blocked
s7eph4n committed 4 days ago
Commits on Nov 20, 2017


Revert attempted fix. Does not work.
s7eph4n committed 10 days ago


Next attempt
s7eph4n committed 10 days ago

Unbreak the extension when vendor/ is blocked
s7eph4n committed 10 days ago

stack trace

php update.php --quick
checking /extensions/Bootstrap/resources/bootstrap[4802f35cd06137a03c6ecdb7] [no req] RuntimeException from line 163 of /var/www/html/extensions/Bootstrap/src/Hooks/SetupAfterCache.php: Expected an accessible /extensions/Bootstrap/resources/bootstrap path
#0 /var/www/html/extensions/Bootstrap/src/Hooks/SetupAfterCache.php(68): Bootstrap\Hooks\SetupAfterCache->isReadablePath(string)
#1 /var/www/html/extensions/Bootstrap/Bootstrap.php(83): Bootstrap\Hooks\SetupAfterCache->process()
#2 [internal function]: {closure}()
#3 /var/www/html/includes/Hooks.php(186): call_user_func_array(Closure, array)
#4 /var/www/html/includes/Setup.php(682): Hooks::run(string)
#5 /var/www/html/maintenance/doMaintenance.php(98): require_once(string)
#6 /var/www/html/maintenance/update.php(239): require_once(string)
#7 {main}

Sounds like you need to report it upstream then :)

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