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Rename "wikiclass" to "articlequality"
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It would fit the patterns much better. E.g. "editquality" and "drafttopic" and "draftquality" all are boring and explicit. This would involve:

  1. Rename the repo
  2. Rename the package in pypi
  3. Update the directory names in ORES deployments
  4. ???

Now is a good time because we're contemplating a move from github to gitlab and @Halfak did something stupid with the name "wikiclass" in

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Eek! It's gonna need a lot more changes too. I suppose this is a good start. We should do them all together. Want to take that on?

Yes. I just wanted to do the easiest thing possible :D

OK, I'll wait for you to make a PR then. I'll ping before I start work if I beat you to it.

Some more pieces we need, I'm currently fixing a few that I need for a revscoring upgrade:

  • articlequality/ needs to be renamed

Yeah, this is not done, I'm waiting to get wp10 PR gets merged first (for fawiki)

awight mentioned this in Unknown Object (Phame Post).May 2 2018, 6:42 PM
awight mentioned this in Unknown Object (Phame Post).