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Wikibooks: increase maximum page size after expansion
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It seems that Wikibooks uses the default maximum page size after expansion (2048kb).

However, a book is meant to be a large document, much larger than a standard wiki page or wikipedia page.

This results in certain book being incompletely rendered int the print version, eg

There are at least 16 such incompletely rendered books, see

For wikibooks, I propose to increase the maximum page size after expansion ($wgMaxArticleSize) eg to 8192kb.

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In my humble opinion this is a usecase for the Collection extension at (which allows including several wiki pages in a 'book'), not by artificially constructing a huge single wiki page out of dozens of subpages to potentially kill your web browser...

The Collection extension is an interesting option.

However, it is currently broken, since offline content generator (OCG) is off, see

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It does not seem like appropiate use of MediaWiki to generate multi-page books in wikitext by transcluding each individual page into one larger page. I also think that such a large page cannot likely be consumed by the user in their web browser in a way that provides a good user experience.

Our software, as well web browsers, work best with shorter separate pages that users consume separately, with navigation links from one to the other.

I understand that it is not your intention for users to read this book as one-page in their browsers, but merely as a way to then use the "print" functionality to print it on paper (or to save as PDF). But it seems unwise to task the MediaWiki parser with producing such a big page, and then task the user's web browser to download and render the big page, and then to task the browser with converting it to a PDF (or other print output).

For reasons of server performance, user-experience, and user device performance, I am declining this task.

The Collection extension is meant to provide this functionality. However, as mentioned by @martin.monperrus, the PDF export for books in Collection is currently unavailable.

So, the bad news is: Currently there is no way to create multi-page combined PDFs on Wikipedia, Wikibooks, nor any other Wikimedia wiki.

The good news is, combining pages into a book is not a new feature request. We have known for many years that users want to do this, and until recently, there was a dedicated service optimised for doing this task.

However, that service was not working well and had to be turned off. As such, the PDF export of "Book Creator" (Special:Book) is currently disabled on most wikis. See T171832 and subtasks for more information.

OK, thanks for taking and documenting the decision.

It took me a long time to understand why the document was incomplete.

To overcome this problem, I propose that when the maximum page size after expansion is reached,
there is a visible warning in the output.

For instance; a red message "The page is too big and cannot be rendered (reached maximum page size
after expansion)"

Should I open a new ticket to propose this?

@martin.monperrus Yes, that sounds like a good idea. Users should see an error if the page could not be rendered, and the error should explain why. Thank you!