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Support matching technique of the information field names in various languages
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Today I tested the file import:

But as you see the field names are unknown to the information template because the German field names are used.

I suggest to add a technique for matching source wiki language -> English language

Something like a MediaWiki message [[MediaWiki:Fileimporter-Information-matching]] on the source wiki with the content

  • Beschreibung | description
  • Quelle | source
  • Urheber | author
  • Datum | date
  • Genehmigung | permission
  • Andere Versionen |other_versions
  • Anmerkungen | notes

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MediaWiki messages have the disadvantage that they go by language. But can we be sure that the template params don't differ e.g. between de-wiki and de-wikivoyage?
Therefore we think right now, that other methods might be more useful. Some research has already been done here: T156797: Mechanism for switching templates
And @TTO did a great writeup how they dealt with this in the "For the Common Good" tool T171605#3485931