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[Pages Created] Redirects are counted as "pages created"
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I'm reporting an issue on behalf of a user from German Wikipedia:

  • User A creates a redirect.
  • User B turns this redirect into an article or a disambiguation page.
  • --> The page is counted as a "page created" for user A, not for user B. This feels wrong because a redirect is not the start of an article.

Can this be changed so that the creation of redirects is not counted as a page created?

Thank you and many greetings,

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Can this be changed so that the creation of redirects is not counted as a page created?

It is not trivial, unfortunately. We know a page is a redirect from the page_is_redirect column in the page table. This value only pertains to the current revision of the article. XTools is able to see that you created the page, and that it isn't a redirect, so it reports it as an article you created. Meanwhile there is nothing in the logging table that says a redirect was turned into an article, so the only way to do this check is to parse the revisions of the page. This would be very inefficient.

I'll leave this ticket open but I'm not sure there is a viable solution :( Sorry!

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Same for self-created redirects, that are later converted into an article: they don't show up in 'pages created' either

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Makes sense.

We would need to investigate whether this is technically possible. That would be the first step.

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