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Create Grafana graph to show number of ORES API requests per user-agent
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Knowing whether a single user-agent was responsible for load spikes would be helpful for diagnostics and incident response, as well as long-term growth planning.

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Given that we have the 4 parallel connection per IP in place and difficulties of implementing this. I propose we decline this ticket. We need some better protections against malicious DDoS though but I doubt this would help.

Today this would have been useful for monitoring low cache hit rate in one data center. This still feels like a useful feature, though low priority.

@Ladsgroup points out in IRC that we can get this information easily once logstash parses UA out of log messages.

My two cents: given the big cardinality of user-agent header I think doing this with grafana (and thus graphite or prometheus) would be impractical. Kibana/Elasticsearch should have no problem displaying something like this though.

FWIW, I 'll echo @Ladsgroup and @fgiunchedi. Having the data is obviously useful. Representing them in grafana on the other hand it probably not so practical. I also have my doubts as to whether a graph would help identify the culprits of load spikes, mostly due to the nature of the service, but I am be at fault here.