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Prepare for the countdown on Instagram and Twitter
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Once the list of 15 winners becomes available through Neville:

  • Prepare a spreadsheet with the list of winning photos, uploaders username, license information.
  • Share the list with Karthik, Lily, Lodewijk, Slaporte, Ed, Aubrie, and Mel. NOTE: make it super clear at the time of sharing that the images are not be shared further.
  • Make sure the spreadsheet has a column that indicates at what exact time every photo will be announced. You will likely want to start the countdown from photo number 25. When choosing a time, please pay attention to the timezone of the country the photo belongs to and try to space the photos in a way where photos are not posted in the middle of the night in a country where the photo is form. :) Of course, this is not always possible, let's do our best.
  • Mohammad and Karthik write the posts. You can ask Aubrie to review them and modify/improve/polish them as she sees fit.