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Prepare a blog post for announcing the results
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Once the top 15 photos are known:

  • Prepare a form with a list of questions (see below for questions)


-> Given that time is short, Lily went ahead and send the email to get the stories

  • Once the stories from winners start coming in, Lily puts together a blog post based on all or a subset of the stories.
  • Lily runs the post by the team and Ed for his input.

List of questions

  • What is your name?
  • What is your nationality?
  • How many years have you been taking photos?
  • Are you a professional or an amateur photographer?
  • Have you opened a Wikimedia account to participate in Wiki Loves Monuments or were you a Wikimedian/Wikipedian before that?
  • Why was the architectural shot of your photo XX exceptional to you?
  • What was the moment you shot monument XX like? Please share with us as much information as possible. For example, were you all alone when you took this photo? Did you travel far from home to take it?
  • Did you know that your photo from monument XX was a great shot?

Event Timeline

LilyOfTheWest created this task.

@Effeietsanders just to make sure: last year you sent the emails to the winners to ask the questions above. This year, I'm happy to do it but I'd ideally want to put them in a Google Form so we can process them more easily. I'm wondering: was there a strong reason for not doing that last year? (I know some IPs cannot open the form, in which case, we can send a pdf with questions.)

@LilyOfTheWest I don't think there was a strong reason for doing as we did - probably a combination of rush and convenience. Feel free to use a form.

Emails are sent to 14 out of the 15 likely winners. 1 account doesn't have their email activated. I've pinged Karthik and Neville to chase down that user's email address, please. :)