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Prepare the jury report
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  • collect the raw setup: headers, raw jury comments, rough outline
  • Find a volunteer or non-volunteer ;) to help with the jury report
  • Prepare the jury report text
  • collect all the links, details etc
  • decide on general layout guidelines
  • prepare a layouted version of the report
  • publish & announce

<s>The very final version of the report should be ready no later than 2017-12-13.</s>
There is no definite timeline. Attempt to get it published within a few weeks of the announcement.

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LilyOfTheWest created this task.

I volunteered to help @Nevborg with the writing.

@Nevborg @Effeietsanders Let's aim to have this report out in the first two weeks of January. For this, we need to have the text ready. We've got a recommendation for a designer who will help us with the design component. I will start working with him based on last year's report, so they can set up the templates for the text that will need to go in. On your end, can you start the work on the text of the report and have that ready by the end of 2017?

@Nevborg can you give an update on this task, please?