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Explore the possibility of a banner for sharing the results on Wikimedia projects
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  • Work with Seddon to see if he's up for helping to prepare a banner for announcing that the results are available. (The banner should like to the blog post on WLM or Wikimedia blog. TBD further after the discussions with Ed and team.)

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LilyOfTheWest created this task.
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@Jseddon you helped us last year by making a banner which went on Wikimedia projects and helped with the discovery of the Wiki Loves Monuments winners announcement. Do you have time and interest to help us with it this year as well? (We understand that this is a super busy time for you, so please don't feel pressured. Just asking.:)

LilyOfTheWest lowered the priority of this task from High to Medium.Dec 7 2017, 6:40 AM

@LilyOfTheWest Can you update status and potentially add it to the report?

I didn't do anything on this front, but I did see a banner on top of the pages linking to the post in Wikimedia blog. I'll resolve this task.

@Effeietsanders I'll leave that up to you. I didn't do anything about it other than talking with Communications team about it, so I'd say it's a minor item on our end and we can skip reporting it.