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Search suggestions container not working well for skins placing search box in the footer
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Author: nsk

In T17902, which is now replaced by this bug, we found that the Ajax MWSuggest search suggestions container does not work well with the Nostalgia skin, which has its search box at the bottom of the page (and it is desirable to let it as it is because it emulated usemodwiki which also has its search box in that position).

This can be a problem with any skin that has its search box at the bottom of the page, not just Nostalgia. Therefore it can be considered a bug of the MWSuggest functionality because it assumes that the search box position will always have sufficient spacing under it.

I think the bug could be fixed by taking care of lines 201-202 of the mwsuggest.js file: /skins/common/mwsuggest.js

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Severity: minor



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This is an ancient report, the code mentioned above no longer exists, and I'm not sure what was it about initially, but it's still valid: the AJAX search suggestions show below the search field, forcing the user to scroll the page down to click them.

They could probably be displayed above the search box in these cases.

(Adding 27411 tracker.)

Rather than mwsuggest it's simple search now.

That said, I don't consider this a priority. Placing search inside the footer is known to be bad for site usability. Any skin actually affected by this bug is already broken as far as I'm concerned.

demon added a comment.Apr 2 2013, 4:57 PM

The skins that implement this sort of functionality were removed in Ia6d73c2d. Marking this WONTFIX.

Not really, there's still Cologne Blue left. It has a second search box in the sidebar, though, so maybe the footer one could be removed. But until it is, reopening.

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gh87 added a subscriber: gh87.Mar 30 2018, 9:10 AM

I tested out the search box in MonoBook, Modern, and CologneBlue skins in every web browser. The autocomplete feature now works in those skins.

It works, but you have to scroll down to actually click the autocompleted titles.

gh87 added a comment.EditedMar 30 2018, 7:38 PM

Oh... didn't know the footer search box. So I tested the CologneBlue's footer search box as well. The autocomplete feature also works for the footer box, but you're right about scrolling the page down.

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