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Implement a stronger synchronization in RepoNG and Translate
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This is a follow-up to T48833 where I implemented repository-state synchronization.

For fully automated exports, even stronger synchronization is required: we should make sure that source changes are processed in translatewiki before we use a particular revision.

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Nikerabbit moved this task from Backlog to Translate twn on the User-Nikerabbit board.

I came up with an alternative that might be easier to implement: check if there are any unprocessed message changes and bail out if such are found. For this we need to know which files are processed and which are not [1]. This can be combined with a simple lock taken by all auto(import|export) scripts to allow only one of them run at a time.

[1] Currently processed files are renamed to have a timestamp to keep history. To my knowledge the old files have been looked maybe once or twice to debug issues. We could probably just delete processed files, or have them be moved elsewhere. Maybe the ones we currently have could provide test cases for T196601: Support renames in Special:ManageMessageGroups.