Can't click on links in dropdowns in chromium
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Dropdown appears, but trying to click on link just causes the dropdown to disappear. May be layering issue. May be hardware acceleration related (this was causing problems in general with hover events in chromium for me, so I turned it off). May have to do with my weird dpi scaling (1.6 and 1.75).

More on this if I ever manage to download an update for a chromium on another computer through this stupidly slow connection.

Isarra created this task.Dec 9 2017, 4:09 PM
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Okay, this is happening in every skin with css hover dropdowns (splash, vector, bluesky, etc - not greystuff because that one is actually js). Appears to just be a chromium bug.

And people wonder why I don't like it, it's because IT'S ALWAYS BLOODY BREAKING.