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Identify and delete non-useful files on database hosts taking space unnecesarily
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After T182450, this could be a generalized problems. Files to handle include:

  • Old database files from databases that are no longer live
  • One time local dumps/backups that are no longer necessary
  • Rests of older binlogs
  • Rests of xtrabackup log and other files

We need to identify them and delete them, as they could be taking a non-trivial amount of space. This is not a priority (there is no known ongoing isssues), and it has to be done very carefully, as it would be easy to delete by mistake used files and not notice after a restart, causing an outage. So this should have very low priority.

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jcrespo moved this task from Triage to Backlog on the DBA board.

I am going to close this task as we are not really using it for anything (tracking or anything). This is an ongoing permanent thing really (also we are not under any disk space issues at the moment).
Please feel free to reopen if you feel this needs to be kept opened.