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cologneblue skin is not easily configurable
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Author: brianna.laugher

The CologneBlue skin makes too many assumptions about what pages exist in the wiki, and there is no good way to remove those links like MediaWiki:Sidebar.

The top set of links "Main Page | About | Help | FAQ | Special pages | Log out" should be converted to something like MediaWiki:CologneBlueTopbar similar to MediaWiki:Sidebar. (And actually as default I would shrink it to "About | Log out").

The "Printable version | Disclaimers | Privacy policy" at the top could be removed. Printable version is already linked in the left menu (or maybe that one should be removed), and Disclaimers & Privacy policy could be removed to the footer. (And the footer should be editable too. This goes for all skins!)

The "Special pages" section in the left menu of Cologne Blue has a very bizarre link "Bug reports" that goes to Project:Bug_reports. How do you actually set that? doesn't have any info about a configuration option like $wgBugReportsLink. This set of special pages is also a random set different to other skins. As with the other areas on the page, it would be nice to be able to edit which pages go here.

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Severity: enhancement



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Is this bug still valid?

Still valid, but I made some improvements in the meantime.

The contents of the top set of links are still not configurable; you can, however, modify links' texts and their targets using the about/aboutpage, help/helppage and faq/faqpage messages; link to special pages list has been removed. Main page and login/logout links are immovable right now.

The second set of links now contains "Privacy policy | About | Disclaimers", which are standard contents for it (except that most skins place these in the footer). They are probably configurable using some interface messages.

The entire sidebar has been revamped; it now contains a standard toolbox and a more standard set of links.

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