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Missing interwiki [translation] in module pages in Javanese Wikipedia
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As per the application of this T180578, it appears that it causes all interwikis in module pages in Javanese Wikipedia gone missing. Luckily, the respective Wikidata pages still record the Javanese links.

For example, Module:String in Wikidata still record jv:Modul:String, while it should be jv:Modhul:String (pay attention to the additional letter h).

Could you please fix the problem by replacing all "Modul" to "Modhul" in all Javanese Wikipedia links in Wikidata?

Thank you

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Aklapper renamed this task from Missing interwiki ing module pages in Javanese Wikipedia to Missing interwiki [translation] in module pages in Javanese Wikipedia.Dec 12 2017, 8:35 AM
Aklapper added a project: Wikidata.

Looks like a fallback issue. Since there was no 'jv' translations for MediaWiki-extensions-Scribunto it used 'id' translations as fallback language. Now that they got their own translations added, the system does not continue to use 'id'. Never ran into this issue so not sure how to fix it but maybe this is a Wikidata chaching issue? I'll let the Wikidata folks investigate.

@hoo @Anomie Can you please check if this is something Wikidata-related (not detecting the rename of the namespace)?

I've talked to @hoo about this and what's needed is a bot in Wikidata to rename the links there. Given that this does not require any developer or sysadmin intervention I propose to close this task as Invalid and refer the issue to where I'm lodging the request.

Request filed and manually fixed the example above to test it and it works. We just need a bot to do this.