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Make it possible to survey specific groups of registered editors
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Common requests for limiting surveys according to user identity include:

  • Only ask people with specific user rights (e.g., admins or autoconfirmed users)
  • Only ask people using specific languages as their user interface (e.g., Spanish interface language but editing at an English wiki)
  • Only ask people with specific preferences (e.g., all users with gender set to female)
  • Only ask people who have opted into a particular Beta Feature
  • Only ask people with a specific edit count (e.g., between 0 and 50 local edits)
  • Only ask people with a specific account age (e.g., registered during the last year or more than X months old)

The point is to reach the people that you need to reach, without bothering the people the people that you don't need to reach.

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Removing MediaWiki-Page-editing so that this doesn't clutter searches related to actually editing pages in MediaWiki. This project should only be on the parent task, probably (T89970). [batch edit]

@matmarex any way we can batch edit all these tasks to have "Reading Web tracking"? I don't have rights

@Jdlrobson You have to be a member of Triagers to get the rights – then you get a "Batch Task Editor" interface below these search results. The project description says "If you want to join, ask a member of acl*phabricator.", so I suggest you get yourself added to it and do the batch edit yourself, it is sometimes convenient to have this ability. (If you can't or don't want to, I could make this batch edit.)

What is "Reading Web tracking"? I can't find a project by that name. (Also, if you want all tasks matching that query to be automatically tagged with that, you can set up a Herald rule.)

What is "Reading Web tracking"?

Maybe the "tracking" column on the Readers-Web-Backlog board was meant?

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