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Lua Task 8 - Lua Tables
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Prerequisite: Lua Task 7 - Repeating code. This task requires independent learning and is more difficult.

Lua has one structure - the table - that is used to store arrays, lists, or sets of values. The values may be of any type.

A simple table is demonstrated in and it is tested in

1 Make a copy of the function "mum" in your module sandbox. Save it.

2 Make a new section in your sandbox:

== Task 8 ==

and create a test for your "mum" function. Save it.

3 Amend your code so that it will display "Hello Dad" instead. Check it in your sandbox. (Do the check for each of the following instructions.)

Note that family[i] (where i is a variable containing a number) will refer to the ith member of the "family" table. Arrays in Lua start at 1 by default.

4 Amend your code so that it uses a numeric for loop to go from 1 to 5 to display "Hello " followed by each member of the "family" table.

5 Amend your code so you add two more names to the "family" table. These won't automatically display.

You can find the size of a simple table like "family" by using #family which gives the number of members of the table.

6 Amend your code so that it always displays all of the "family" members.

7 Amend your code so you add one more name to the "family" table. Check that it displays.

8 Leave a comment here linking to your sandbox.

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