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Wikistats Bug : wrong data in Top viewed articles (about frwiki)
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Hi @Manu1400
Thanks for this ticket.
As most data in wikistats-v2 is updated monthly, we decided toshow only last month top pageviews.
This might however change in the future :)

Hi @Manu1400 , thanks for reporting this

You are right, Wikistats is not real-time neither daily updated.
For now, it is updated once per month, a couple days into the next month.
The stats you saw in that URL belong to the month of November 2017,
and match the pageviews in the pageviews tool for that month,

In any case, I think you raised a UI issue of Wikistats, which doesn't make clear the time range the top metrics belong to.
I created a task for that, check it out: T182990


(will close this task)

Nuria changed the task status from Duplicate to Invalid.Dec 19 2017, 11:31 PM