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Africa Wikimedia Developers IRC general meeting #1
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A meeting to discuss about Africa Wikimedia Developers project in general. Q&A from developers in the African continent about the project and how they can get involved.

Etherpad link:


  • Meeting to take place on the 15th Dec, 2017 at 4pm - 5:30pm UTC on IRC Channel: #wiki-dev-africa on Freenode.
  • Document issues raised by participants of the meeting.
  • Copy documentation from Etherpad to phab after the meeting in order not to loose content.
  • @D3r1ck01 will host the logs here which was collected via ZppixBot. Thanks for this functionality @Zppix. The log below;

Documentation from Etherpad

As Etherpad my loose some content, below is the logs copied from the etherpad

AWMD IRC General Meeting #1

Phab ticket: About meeting here,
Host: AWMD leads
Date: December 15, 2017
Time: 4pm - 5:30pm UTC

Stats about the meeting

No. of participants: 16 (at the start including 2 bots)

Activies carried out in the meeting

* Self Introduction
* Including country and the role of each individual in their community as developers
* Major setbacks as developers in our community.
* Questions and Answers, issues raised.

Questions & Answers from participants

1. Onix - Can you tell us more about the community (AWMD) d3r1ck?
d3r1ck - shared some more lights on the project and gave links to the project page. The project is about amalgamating developers all over the African continent to fulfill the Wikimedia mission from a technical point of view. Writing code to help keep Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects running.

2. Flixtey - Can all introduce themselves and tell us how each one of us contributes as a developer from our communities?

3. Flixtey - How has your journey being and what are your greatest setbacks?
flixtey - For me the greatest setbacks yet is to understand the needs of the community and discover issues that need our support
d3r1ck - The greatest challenge is retention of developers into the Wikimedia movement from my community
bam92_ - For me I have not yet contributed but want to do so. 
r054l13 -My greatest challenge is in finding women interested in volunteering in WM from my country. 

4. bam92_ - How can I get started? I want to contribute to the project?
d3r1ck - There are lots of ways to contribute and you can get started as a develop in the Wikimedia movement via: and as an AWMD developer here: 
africanhope - Also, we have a work board that you can get tickets from there and start working on:

5. africanhope - I spent the last 4 months battling with IP Ban on phabricator (Wikimedia's bug tracker)
Notes on IP ban: Phabricator IP ban: It is meant to be only about specific Wikipedia Zero providers. Such as or To read more about the IP block, see

6. r054l13 - How to get women into technology and Wikimedia movement?
Zppix - Try showing them what they could be doing, make them interested and if in case of any bias from another Wikimedia, contact CoC etc.
eugene233 - Pick 2 - 3 and guide them from scratch, make them interested!
<africanhope> If they come from a technical background, then highlighting how beneficial this experience could be, would be a good motive: increasing their coding standards, being exposed to high quality code written by other experienced devs
<@d3r1ck> Showing them what to do and how to do it and make them interested!

We have agreed to have upcoming meetings on: 2nd Friday of every month

The logs will be uploaded here for a more detailed read of the conversation on IRC by @Zppix.

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Meeting was a success and thank to everyone that made it and to the discussions :). Hoping to see you all in our next meeting :)