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Research Showcase February 2018
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When: February 21, 2018

Host: @DarTar
IRC host: tbd

Confirm with speakersY
Request the event to be created in the staff calendarY
Upload abstractsY
Create Hangout Air event in advanceY
Email to the listsYwiki-research, analytics, wikimedia-l, wmfall
Let office@ know about the guestsNA
Announce via social mediaY
Reminder to lists on WednesdayY
Add slides and video linkY

Event Timeline

I've added myself as a speaker in the spreadsheet. I'd like to talk about ACTRIAL and the potential for models to help Wikimedia projects remain open.

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@Halfak I have you confirmed for the 21st. As a reminder, you don't need to edit the master calendar in the sheet or the phab ticket, @srodlund and I will take care of both once we have sent a confirmation to the speakers for each month.

Right. My confusion lies from having mistakes in the past where I didn't make these kind of edits. Should I just post a comment on the task in the future?

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@Halfak you simply need to add a suggestion to the second tab of this planning sheet and everything else will follow. The full process (and who owns each step) is now documented on Office Wiki.

It seems that's the easiest place to not be noticed! But OK. I'll give it a try next time. :)

@Miriam @Halfak -- mentioning you here to remind you that we'll need your abstracts before we send out the email to lists :-)

Thanks @srodlund for the ping. I'll get my abstract in the wiki ASAP

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srodlund updated the task description. (Show Details)

@srodlund I sent you the proposed abstract, i can upload it on wiki if you confirm it looks good :) THanks and sorry for the delay!

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