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Inaccurate links from old versions of articles on
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Author: tim.ivorson

To reproduce:
go to a Wikipedia article on
go to page history
follow any link from a time to the article as of that time
follow the link called "the current version" preceding the article content

Actual result:[Title] is displayed, which is a hybrid of Wikimedia's HTTPS-style and HTTP-style URLs. The page says "Wiki does not exist."

Expected result:
Access the current HTTPS version of the article, with a URL of the form[lowest level subdomain]]/wiki/[title] rather than[title]

Example expected results: should link to instead of should link to instead of

This affects Wikipedia, but not Wikibooks. I don't know whether this problem is specific to Wikimedia wikis. I couldn't access another Media Wiki site by HTTPS.

Version: unspecified
Severity: minor



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I have followed the steps, and the expected result occurs.

ecf0a2ca14ba wrote: has a link to which does not exist in the message notifying about the updated file ("Einige Vorlagen/Dateien wurden aktualisiert: Datei:Ng-WG511-cl.jpg
Bitte beachten: Falls eine dieser Vorlagen/Dateien eine gesichtete Version hat, wird diese in der gesichteten Version dieser Seite angezeigt.").

Above issues no longer seem to be at issue.

The bit in comment 2 _might_ be something to do with FlaggedRevs; the notification message mentioned above no longer shows there, so can't tell if it's current. (If it is still to be found, please do open a new bug!)