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ULS search completion anomalies
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Using as the example article:

If you search for "sr", "srp", "srpski", "српски", "Српски / srpski", "serbian" you don't get Serbian. In fact, I can't get Serbian at all no matter what I search for.

However, if you search for "bah", "bahasa" or anything inbetween, you get Church Slavonic.

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are you facing this issue only on English Wikipedia or at any other Wikimedia wikis, because on local when i search serbian i get Европа -> српски correctly.

Are you even supposed to get Serbian when searching on Either way, yes, I am facing the same issue on Serbian Wikipedia and German Wikipedia.

Serbian has a known issue with language codes that I thought I fixed but apparently not.

Bahasa apparently means language so it is not surprising it has many matches:

{"languagesearch":{"bjn":"bahasa banjar","cu":"bahasa gereja slavonia","gor":"bahasa hulontalo","id":"bahasa indonesia","ase":"bahasa isyarat amerika","ms":"bahasa melayu","mus":"bahasa muskogee","und":"bahasa tidak dikenal","mul":"bahasa <beberapa bahasa>"}}