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Make recent change flags abbreviations instead of spans
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Author: robin

On watchlists (and other places?) each recent edit can have a flag attached to it to indicated whether it was a minor edit, bot edit, etc.. These flags are very cryptic unless you know enough to check the class name. The following patch changes them to proper <acronym> elements and gives them a title pulled from the localised messages file. I haven't contributed to Mediawiki before so I've no idea how difficult it is to push through a change that needs localising, but hey, let me know.

So is this a wanted feature? What would it take to get it pushed in?

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robin wrote:

Proposed patch

attachment 16331.patch ignored as obsolete

Please update the patch. It doesn't apply.

robin wrote:

Hi Aaron, thanks for looking at this. I've just grabbed a fresh SVN pull of trunk and the existing patch seems to apply fine without problems?

robin@jackle:~/Code/mediawiki-phase3$ patch -p0 < 16331.patch
patching file includes/ChangesList.php
patching file languages/messages/MessagesEn.php

Hunk #1 succeeded at 1591 (offset -131 lines).

Bear with me please if I'm doing something wrong, like I said I'm not particularly experienced here. Just scratching an itch :)

robin wrote:

hah, sorry Aaron, I've realised I made 2 mistakes:

  1. did my work on branch, not trunk
  2. assumed that the patch was simple enough that I could chuck it up without fully testing

I've spent the morning getting a working mediawiki install on my laptop, then recoiling in horror at the extent of the problem I've chosen to take on :) I'll keep on working on a revised + working patch until I've got something half-decent to put up.

Changed component to "RecentChanges"

Created attachment 6401
Updated patch

This patch is against r53927, should apply cleanly to HEAD. Updated all instances of boteditletter|minoreditletter|newpageletter to use <abbr> instead of <span>. Kept class="minor" or class="bot", as appropriate.


Done in r53975. Made them <abbr> instead of <acronym>, as we're not really indicating acronyms here, they're abbreviations. Plus <acronym> isn't allowed in HTML5.

khriseagle wrote:

*** Bug 15871 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***