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Avail associated page's permalink (OID)
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It would be very useful to have, with each comment in StructuredDiscussions, a link to the wiki page in its version at the time of commenting. This would make it easier to follow historical comments.

A time-range filter for comments would also be useful.

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There are already permalinks, but those help you find the topic or post again.

If you want the full historical version of the board or topic as context, that's T96895: Flow permalinks point to specific topic or post, not snapshot in time of board or topic. I think this is a duplicate of that.

I don't think it is a duplicate. I understand that task as in if someone makes a comment on an article talk page on September 28, the post would have a link to that article in its state at that date. I can then have immediately a better context.

T96895 is about having a range of replies done during a given period of time on a give Board IIUC.

Yes, what I meant is what @Trizek-WMF understood: The permalink requested is that of the page from the specific moment the comment is made. I.e permalink of page, but displayed with comment metadata.