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Divide file description textbox into separate metadata fields
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The large textbox for file description should be divided to separate fields in order to:

  1. hide unneccesary wikisyntax for the user
  2. make it possible to turn some of them into dropdowns.
  3. reuse the same information in different publishing platform's APIs

Here's a first stab at what fields it should be divided into. For external modules with few API parameters, most should be "baked in" to the description field. Bold is mandatory field, italic recommended and no format is optional.

SwedishEnglishdescription (sv)Description (en)NotesSketchfab APIThingiverse API
TitelTitleen beskrivande titela descriptive titlePreferably check for uniqueness and blacklist to not cause errors during upload. If ASCII stl prepopulate with name from the file if available.namename
BeskrivningDescriptionbeskriv filendescribe the filedescriptiondescription
DatumDatedatum filen färdigställdesdate the file was finishedPopulate with creation date of file
KällaSourceVar denna digitala filen kom från – det kan vara egen produktion, en URL eller en annan databas.
SkapareCreatorNamnet på den/de som gjorde filen.Name on person(s) who made the filePopulate with username on Wikimedia Commons.
AvbildarDepictsVad är det här en 3D-modell av?What is this a 3D model of?If possible, autocomplete from Wikidata (and allow for free text).
KategoriCategorylägg till kategorieradd categoriesIf possible, use hotcat or similartagstags
LicensLicenselicens för filenlicense for the fileChose from dropdown, CC BY 4.0 is default. On Sketchfab there is CC BY 4.0, CC BY-SA 4.0 and CC 0 1.0. On Thingiverse there is CC BY 3.0, CC BY-SA 3.0, and CC 0 1.0. If both Sketchfab and Thingiverse is authorized, make the user aware of there will be different licenses usedfor BY and BY-SA.licenselicense
Sketchfab-kategoriSketchfab categoryÖvergripande kategori som används på Sketchfab.overarching category that is used on Sktechfab.dropdownlist from Only show if the Sketchfab account has been authorised.categories
Thingiverse-kategoriThingiverse categoryÖvergripande kategori som används på Thingiverse .overarching category that is used on Thingiverse .dropdownlist from GET /categories/ Only show if the Thingiverse account has been authorised.category
MåttDimensionsVerkets dimensioner: 1D (längd), 2D (bredd × höjd) eller 3D (bredd × höjd × djup) .Dimensions of object: 1D (length), 2D (width × heigth) or 3D (width × heigth × depth) .Three sub-fields for width, length and heigth. If Wikidata was matched on "depicts" get P2043, P2048 och P2049. Fill in {{Size}}-format templates. If Wikidata was matched, but no values, add them on Wikidata.
InstitutionInstitutionGallery, museum or collection owning the piece.If possible, automcomplete from the Institution namespace
InventarienummerAccession numberMuseets accessionsnummer eller annat inventarie- eller identifikationsnummer.
Föremålets historiaObject historyProveniens (föremålets ägandehistorik/härkomst).
ModelleringsmetodModeling methodSätt som 3D-modellen genererats påWay the 3D model was generatedIf possible, autocomplete from a query on Wikidata
Antal polygonerNumber of polygonsAntal polygoner i modellenNumber of polygons in the modelCould possibly be extracted from file. If so, not editable.
Antal fotonNumber of photosAntal foton som använts för att skapa modellenNumber of photos used to create the modelOnly available if photogrammetry has been chosen as Modeling method.
OriginalformatOriginal formatUrsprungligt format (om filen konverterades innan uppladdning)Original format (if the file was converted before upload)
ProgramvaraSoftwareProgramvara som skapat filenSoftware that generated the file
Kamera/instrument-modellCamera/instrument modelModell på utrustningen som genererade 3D-modellenModel of hardware used to generate the 3D modelOnly available if photogrammetry/laser-scan/Lidar (or other predifined methods) has been chosen as Modeling method.

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