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Build consumable dumps of JADE
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Hopefully in a more automated way.

Notes from IRC:

apergos: let's say you want these once a week (?)
[3:04pm] apergos: these are... per wiki? I guess?
[3:05pm] apergos: we need to plan for capacity if the jobs are going to take awhile to run across all wikis
[3:05pm] apergos: figure out how many revisions per wiki we might have in a year
[3:05pm] apergos: in three years, etc
[3:05pm] apergos: you could provide a script that does the dump on one wiki and we have infra to run on all
[3:05pm] apergos: we do want: if you do full revision history in xml format then please let's don't ask the db for all those revisions every time,
[3:06pm] apergos: use the previous dump and read those
[3:06pm] apergos: some revisions will be hidden maybe so there's that, you can't just dump the table
[3:06pm] apergos: these will be for public consumption
[3:06pm] apergos: should we have a chat for 20 mins sometime and talk about these things?