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Empty space above TOC
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Sometimes when there are things like images at the top right of a page, the TOC gets moved down, creating a big empty space at the top:

timless-toc-moved.png (1×825 px, 75 KB)

Here is the same article with the same window width in Vector:
vector-toc.png (665×890 px, 88 KB)

I can reproduce this with Firefox (57.0.1) and Chrome (63.0.3239.108).

Event Timeline

Some further explanation of the problem:

  • In Vector, the TOC will reduce its width to the available space (up until a minimum value), if necessary.
  • In Timeless (desktop views), this does not happen: the TOC remains at a constant width, and gets pushed down below right-floated content if there isn't enough space.

The page in the screenshots above is a good example: compare the effect of reducing the browser's window width in Vector[1] versus Timeless[2]

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